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Our Prices

Routine Chiropody - full appointment: £40

Full standard appointment - 30 minutes in total - (25 minutes client facing and 5 minutes post appointment note taking)

Just some of the conditions which we can diagnose and treat: Callus, hard corns, soft corns, seed corns, ingrowing nails, fungal nails, thickened nails, cracked heels, claw/hammer/mallet toe lesions, verrucae and warts, fungal infections (athletes foot),dermatological conditions (skin conditions), Annual diabetic foot checks with 10g monofilament and doppler ultrasound if required.

We are Specialists in ingrowing toenail surgery (partial or total nail avulsion). Price includes the surgical proceedure carried out under local anaesthetic, followed by two redressing appointments and all dressings for the periods between redressing appointments. We carry prescription only medicines in stock such as Antibiotics and can help with even badly infected toes. Package price including proceedure and two follow up appointments and dressings starting from: 330

Please click here for more information on toenail surgery.

Musculoskeletal Podiatry - Sports injury or musculoskeletal injury, assessment and diagnosis: £75

55 minute appointment - (45 minutes client facing and 10 minutes post appointment note taking)

Carried out by a postgraduate trained, musculoskeletal specialist podiatrist; function is checked from the hips down as appropriate, evaluation methods may include any of the high tech facilites available to our clinician as is appropriate to your injury. Treatment can range from the provision of appropriate exercises, stretching and, orthotics to offload your injury.

Just some of the conditions which we can diagnose and treat: Heel pain. Activity related pain affecting the foot and ankle. Ankle Instability (including reoccuring sprains).Functional knee pain or other knee conditions such as patella femoral pain. Activity related lower back pain. Foot profile concerns (relating to pronated or supinated feet). Illiotibial band (ITB) syndrome (Pain to outside of thigh). Exercise induced shin pain (shin splints).Metatarsal pain on activity (metatarsalgia). Ankle pain. Mortons neuroma. Plantar Fasciitis. Sinus Tarsi Pain. Calf pain. Achilles tendonitis, Turf toe. Sesamoiditis. Big toe problems such as Hallux Abducto Valgus (Bunions) Functional hallux limitus. Hallux Limitus and Hallux Rigidus. Cuboid syndrome. Ankle Inversion sprains. Tendonitis. Severs Disease. Leg length discrepancy.

The price of this appointment will include analysis on our specialist Contemplas Templo / Sprintex Ortho, Two camera video gait analysis system, if it is relevent to your condition. So please bring your trainers and clothing appropriate for assessment.

Diagnostic ultrasound scanning with our Sonosite M-Turbo ultrasound machine may also be employed on occasion if this is relevent for diagnosis, this is also inclusive of appointment price if required. - Examples of use: measurement of Plantar Fascia to evaluate for degenerative thickening, check for neovascularisation and degeneration in the achilles tendon etc

Musculoskeletal Follow-up appointments are priced at: £40

30 minutes in total - (25 minutes client facing and 5 minutes post appointment note taking)

Any prefabricated or custom orthotics required for treatment are at additional cost ranging from:

£25 - £65 for prefabricated orthotics, full range held in stock and modified to suit your condition on site.

Full Custom casted orthotic £320 - £360 including: casting, manufacture and fitting appointment.

Other treaments available- all prices include appointment and treatment:

Shockwave therapy ESWT for Chronic conditions (duration of condition 3 month onwards) ESWT is exceptionally effective for Chronic Plantar Fasciitis. It is also very effective for Achilles Tendinopathy, Patellar Tendinopathy, Mortons Neuroma, Calcifications, Tendinopathies. Greatly reduces the pain levels experienced and can re-kick-start the healing process through the reversal of chronic inflammation and breaking up of calcifications. Lowers the concentration of substance P, which is associated with intense persistant and chronic pain, reduction of substance P will reduce the stimulation of afferent nociceptive fibres and thus reduces pain

Not all shockwave systems are the same - We use the same EMS Swiss Dolorclast system utilised by top sporting outfits such as Liverpool Football club, the EMS Swiss Dolorclast system is the very top end of shockwave systems and its usefulness is backed by more research than any other machine currently on the market.

3 sessions at weekly intervals are recommended initially, priced at £225 for three sessions. Additional sessions up to 5 in total can be added at £75 per session.

Fungal nail dermatophyte testing, price includes both an appointment to take the required nail sample only, and the testing proceedure which has been found to be 95% accurate. Testing is carried out during the appointment time. Results are provided during the appointment. £80

Clearanail fungal nail treatment for up to 3 nails per single use instrument, includes extended length appointment, single use instrument and two units of Lamisil spray to get you started, 45 minute appointment: £150 - CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION

Swift Microwave Therapy for Verruca Removal - Package deal - 3 Treatment appointments, spaced a month apart, including one follow up appointment. £350 more information available www.verrucae.co.uk

Swift Microwave Therapy for Verruca Removal - Single Treatment - Single treatment only, doesn't include a follow up appointment £125 more information available at www.verruccae.co.uk

Verruca Cryotherapy £6 addition to a routine podiatry appoinment (£46 including podiatry appointment). A verruca's can take a series of appointments to clear up. Usual frequency for success is 5-6 appointments spaced every 2 weeks, however as a Verruca is a virus unfortunately there is no guarantee that any treatment is going to be successful.

Verruca needling under local anaesthetic, including 45 minute appointment £150

Steroid Injection therapy: Call

HCPC Registered Podiatrist. Registered with the Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists Contemplas Templo Gait  Analysis System